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Depression and Anxiety on the increase as we enter darker nights

By Published October 31, 2020

Depression and Anxiety on the increase as we enter darker nights

  • Socialising virtually, more online shopping and no commuting means nearly half of Brits (47%) fear they’ll see even less daylight this winter…According to new research published today, Coronavirus is pushing us into living a “mushroom existence”.

  • The study, commissioned by Healthspan found that young people are faring badly with just 9- per cent of 18-24-year-olds having some time outside every day compared to almost 30 per cent of the over 55s. And four out of five people (81%) admitted they had some days when they didn’t step outside at all.   

  • It also emerged that 57 per cent are dreading this winter more than usual due to the Covid restrictions.  This doesn’t only affect our mental health, but also our physical wellbeing and immunity levels due to the lack of vitamin D.  

  • Those in Edinburgh spent the least amount of time outside, averaging just 47 minutes of daylight a day, compared to people living in London who spend an hour and a half.  

  • The World Health Organisation has warned that depression and anxiety are on the increase, susceptibility to infection and transmission of the virus.  

  • British people are resilient the survey showed with the nation planning to adopt and make it’s own ‘regional’ winter traditions to fight the winter blues.   

  • There’s the Scottish tradition of Còsagach and the Welsh Cwtch. Plus Brits are also looking to other countries for wellbeing inspiration with 35 per cent adopting the Scandinavian trend of Hygge and comfort foods will be high on the agenda with pizza being the go-to food this winter. 

  • About Healthspan

    Healthspan is the UK’s number one direct supplier of vitamins and supplements. Based in Guernsey, the company was founded in 1996 by local businessman Derek Coates. Not all supplements are created equally and Healthspan has over 150 products that are formulated with a team of experts to help enrich nutrition, foster wellbeing as well as support athletes and performance.   Healthspan products are made to pharmaceutical standards knows as GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) where possible and the ingredients used within our products are sustainably sourced and we work with The Marine Stewardship Council who is an international, non-profit organisation plus we work with Friend of the Sea. We have a range of products suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

    Jason from CVFM Breakfast spoke to Dr Meg Arroll to find out more.  To listen back to the show click on the following link: 



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