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Step inside and help Climb Mount Everest Thursday 9 April

By Published April 08, 2020

Ordnance Survey & Outdoor Industries Association launch world record-breaking attempt

From midday on April 9th, people across Great Britain and Europe are being asked to climb stairs, step on the spot, anything, and to record the number of steps they do. 

It is hoped the effort will create a new World Record for the number of people doing steps simultaneously.  

The Ordnance Survey step challenge converts the number of steps people do at home into how far up Mount Everest they would have climbed! 

The challenge is part of a campaign to get the outdoors inside GetOutside Inside 

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures, and Ordnance Survey (OS) has brought together more than 50 outdoor organisations, brands and ambassadors such  Iwan Thomas, Ben Fogle, Tanni Grey-Thompson and Professor Greg Whyte, to create daily tips, challenges, puzzles, blogs, videos, virtual tours and activities that is hoped will stimulate the young and old mentally and physically during these unprecedented times. 

Iwan Thomas MBE joined Jason on CVFM Breakfast on Wednesday 8 April 2020 to talk about how to get involved. Listen again by click on this link: 

Iwan says: "GetOutside Inside aims to educate, entertain and inspire, and I urge people, no matter what their age or ability, to get involved and stay healthy. Start with the step challenge this Thursday and see how it goes. Wouldn't it be wonderful if in the future we could tell people how during the COVID-19 pandemic we all climbed Mount Everest in our homes? Visit the website, sign up and get involved''

Post your videos to our Facebook page and see how many steps you can do, even if it's 10 or 20 that's amazing and we say thank you.

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